We offer Companies domicile and management services, including interim management and on the ground operational support to help run our clients’ global operations. 



We provide the expertise to implement company growth and strategic positioning, achieving sustainable profitability. We can develop and execute the most effective market penetration strategy suited to our clients’ needs and aligned to their business goals. 



We help our clients to improve their performance in the marketplace. Our clients may draw upon the services of our management consultants for many needs, gaining external and objective advice and access to our specialized expertise.


Strategic Planning

We are focused on creating specific business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating the results, always considering our clients’ long-term goals.

Market Analysis

We bring our methodologies and structures to assist in the identification of market characteristics to create more effective and efficient ways of doing business.

Market Penetration

Oltre is a trusted advisor to expand a business into the US market. Oltre’s team will help its clients to train, implement, and monitor all the desired busines activities to ensure sales and market share growth.


Market Positioning

Oltre can help coordinate all the aspects for proper market penetration: in fact, expanding a business into a new market requires positioning a company wisely. Setting prices, promoting the right collections, and creating specific marketing tools, not only to boost initial sales, but also to determine the success of a company in the future. 


Product Launches

Launching a product into the market is another service that Oltre provides to grow a business. By paying attention to the market habits and needs, Oltre can tailor a market strategy, to ensure that its clients’ products will be in-line with target demand and expectation.


Define New Target Segments

Oltre finds new niches to promote its clients’ products, tapping into new markets and evolving their customer base. By discovering new segments and new audiences, Oltre can help new products gain traction among a specific demographic, implementing a new market penetration. 


Expansion into Different Territories

Oltre provides a sustainable program for expansion into different territories to ensure that its clients expand their business successfully. Expanding into new territories is one of the most common ways to grow a business. Although it may seem one of the most straightforward methods to penetrate the market, it is crucial to have a deep knowledge of the market and the mentality of each specific territory.


Develop Strategic Alliances

By finding other like-minded companies Oltre can help to discover untapped synergies to assist your company to enter new markets. Through co-branding agreements or partnerships our clients can grow in the market while maintaining their corporate identity. 


Warehousing and Distribution

We operate with our third parties’ network of warehouses placed strategically in different areas of the country, to satisfy logistics and distribution needs on a national scale.

Services offered:

– Storage

– Picking and packing

– Reverse logistics

– Labeling


Ocean FCL/LCL Frieght

We organize and coordinate shipping of full container loads as well as consolidated goods through LCL service, on a biweekly bases.


Air Freight

Thanks to our shipping network, we can organize weekly consolidated air shipments in the main trade lanes offering Standard, Express and Charter services.


Local Delivery

Oltre can also provide “last mile” services through its network of reliable carriers in strategic markets.

We can offer inside, white glove delivery options and installation to the final consumer.

Trade Show Organization

We have developed expertise in trade show organization and can offer a dedicated and specialized staff to assist in shipping, receiving, installation and overall logistic organization for the event.

Our trade show services, besides stand installation and setup, can provide day by day organization, stand personnel, catering options and communication, in any Convention Center in the North American market.


Oltre provides professional services to companies across broad range of industries. Our services can include:

  • administration and operations;

  • personnel, human resources and payroll;

  • financial and internal auditing services;

  • legal assistance;

  • minimization of accounts receivable and counter party risk;

  • accounting and general tax services;

  • US domicile, office space and equipment use;

  • communication and data facilities;

  • facilities management;

  • insurance coverages and such other miscellaneous services;

  • Recruited and trained of new staff;


Marketing Solutions

Oltre employs hands-on strategic business solutions and marketing strategies to help its clients meet their business objectives and turn their ideas into commercial success.



Oltre prepares appropriate campaigns to promote its clients’ products in the market and have them stand out from their competitors, making them a better choice from comparable products in the market.


Brand Awareness

Oltre assists in positioning and protecting its clients’ brands in the market and achieve the proper and sustainable recognition.



Oltre can offer market research to determine the price point and create the proper MSRP. It will assist in establishing unit cost price, marketing costs, distribution expenses, considering price and characteristics of competing products in the marketplace.



Oltre performs integrated marketing communications campaigns which include a variety of activities such as advertising, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship, social media, and cross marketing collaboration.


Intellectual Property

Oltre assists in intellectual property protection and legal actions against counterfeit products, also coordinating and collaborating with federal authorities in the field.


Shows and Events    

Oltre will coordinate, supervise, and participate in all major events, shows and exhibitions necessary to provide product visibility in the market.


Sales Channels

Our knowledge of the US Market can help determine the distribution of the product. Key considerations include identifying the proper sales channels for a successful sales campaign. 


Sales Support

Oltre oversees existing sales teams and further develops existing sales networks, and if necessary, the recruitment of new sales personnel and outsourcing of sales representatives. Oltre can provide support to any sales force to help selling and closing of deals by providing productivity tools like remote training, customer service assistance, active market communications, and customized marketing literature


Sales Plans

Using available data to forecast sales and set appropriate performance goals, Oltre helps to create and implement, strategic sales plans to successfully achieve its clients’ business objectives, keeping in consideration their market needs, strengths, and weaknesses. 



By monitoring sales trends by territory on a weekly basis, Oltre will analyze sales targets and adjust S&M strategy and implement timely corrective actions to maximum success.

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